5 Works
By Maria Pianelli Blair
•   •   •
"Close Encounters" 2024. mixed media collage. 4.5x6.5"

"Moonlight" 2024. mixed media collage. 5.75x8.25"

"In Bloom" 2024. collage. 8.5x11.5"

"Beyond the Sea" 2023. mixed media collage. 8x10"

"Celestial Good Morning" 2023. collage. 6x4.5"

•   •   •
"Beyond the Sea" was first published in Moss Puppy Magazine.
Maria Pianelli Blair is a multidisciplinary artist born in New York City and based in New Jersey. A public relations director by day, Maria spends her nights dabbling in ceramics, printmaking, embroidery, and analog collage. Her collages, fashioned on everything from cardboard to playing cards, marry contemporary imagery, found vintage materials, and magical realism. Maria's work can be found on Instagram (@sunset_sews) and Etsy. She has been published in several art magazines, including Contemporary Collage Magazine; FEELS Zine; and Photo Trouvee Magazine, among others. Her work has been featured in both galleries and virtual exhibitions, including Vayo Collage Gallery in Lyons, NY and Brassworks Gallery in Portland, OR.

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