Moonday Mag ⋆⁺₊
welcomes you into a world of make believe.
Moonday Mag is a quarterly art and literary magazine dedicated to celebrating all things fantastic and fantastically strange. We welcome writers and artists from all walks of life, as long as you have a story to tell––preferably one that'll keep us up at night, in the best way possible. This is a place for the strange and unexplainable, the fever dreams and delightful terrors, the place that rests between here and the uncanny valley. Moonday Mag is a home for art that is perhaps a bit difficult to describe, for things that make us wonder what else might be out there, for the pieces that are, truly, curios. From sci-fi to fantasy to magical realism to the witching hour caught on camera in 35mm––we want it all.

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Caridad Cole, editor-in-chief
Caridad Cole is a Los-Angeles based writer and filmmaker who is absolutely obsessed with the strangeness of dreams and the surrealism of nightmares. She graduated from Bard College, where she double majored in film production and creative writing under the guidance of Kelly Reichardt and Neil Gaiman. Caridad is the 2018 recipient of Words for Charity's Compassionate Chronicle and Benevolent Quill awards for her short stories "Empty Houses" and "In a Town Called Albatross". In her free time, she rescues secondhand clothing, practices henna, and unravels mysteries. Catch up with her at