Untitled #1
•   •   •
when I'm lying in bed
alone in my head
hot with a fever
from soaking in dread
you always seem to populate my mind...
sleeping contently
sweet & refined–
all your hatred and ill intent–
makes for a rainy day
with Red chilled Wine–
I hear your deep breathing
in the depths of my head
I sigh
and wonder if I'm breathing too?
...or am I holding in all my breaths
ultimately afraid of you.
I don't want to wake;
any of your sleeping monsters within–
afraid for the creeping morning
afraid I'll turn over to an entity I didn't remember laying with...
so I just hold my breath;
as I slowly count backwards–
I shiver cold in your grip
and sink deep within your cuddles
forgetting all else–
you kiss a freckle behind my neck
as I cry into myself, from rejection no less
I dissociate unwillingly–
forcing yet another sleepless night...
I glance at you–
I shiver
I exhale
–and sigh
I carefully whisper "I love you,"
quietly dry my eyes
breathing somewhat slowly
that in this moment
this is our final goodbye
for if in the coming morning
it isn't you?
I'll re-enter,
this nightmare–
this dissociative fugue
•   •   •
EMP is a passionate writer who finds solace in penning down her emotions through poetry and essays. She is deeply connected to the world around her and uses her observations and experiences to create evocative and thought-provoking pieces. Apart from her love for writing, EMP has a soft spot for kittens, dancing to house/techno music, and thrift shopping. She loves scouring vintage stores and flea markets for unique finds. She believes that reusing and repurposing items not only helps the environment but also adds character and charm to any home. Her creativity and optimism shine through in all aspects of her art and life.

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