5 Works
By Kat Reichert
•   •   •
"3:39 AM" 2017. Long exposure photograph. 10" x 15"

"Creator" 2017. Long exposure photograph. 10" x 15"

"Currents" 2017. Long exposure photograph. 10" x 15"

"I Would Go With You" 2018. Long exposure photograph. 10" x 15"

"The Shadows Are Breathing" 2017. Long exposure photograph. 15" x 10"

•   •   •
These images were previously exhibited in the US and Europe, have appeared in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal, and were self-published in Reichert's book, Hypnagogia.
Kathryn Reichert is best known for her genre-bending work in photography with images blending digital and analog media with alternative photographic processes, painting and intaglio printing. Her work circles the idea of the psychological landscape created by experiences, thoughts and memories and its impact on our varying interpretations of reality. Since her start in 2015, her work has been shown in galleries and museums across the United States and Europe. She draws inspiration across mediums, from early painters to contemporary experimental artists, as well as her own life experiences. Kathryn holds bachelor’s degrees in both business and fine arts from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and a closet full of cameras. More at www.kathrynreichert.com.

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