bastard bee
By Jawn Van Jacobs
•   •   •
i looked into a rose
& found a bastard bee –
drunken on the attar
of his daint residency

while others prided in clover
he licked from his Bourbons
an illegitimate strain of nectar
spurned by the populous

who sip at the same stamens
of society gone too often wrung –
emptied of dew by dawn
& withered by another’s sun
•   •   •
Jawn Van Jacobs is a spitfire South Jersey poet who holds back nothing in the name of poetry. His work has appeared in Cool Beans Lit and Beyond Queer Words. Jawn’s work delves into the raw and untamed narratives of outlaws, illuminating the lives and perspectives of those living on the outskirts of society. On IG @jawnvanjacobs.

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